"Praise him ... with the strings and pipe ... praise him with resounding cymbals." Psalm 150:1-5.

Studio accepts both beginners and those who wish to continue a more advance study. Kids starting from ages 6-7 are welcome! If you wish to start taking lessons, contact me to schedule a meeting where we can discuss your course of study and fill out a registration form.

Piano lessons are weekly or bi-weekly private sessions lasting 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on your choice and level of study. Lessons are offered year-round and continue as usual during the summer months.

A variety of music is offered to the students, ranging from classical to contemporary.

While it is preferred that the students use an acoustic keyboard, an electronic one (with 88 keys and pedals) can become a great choice when noise and space are an issue.

Tuition is payable in advance for the entire month due the first lesson of each month. Upon regestering, a $20, yearly fee is applied. Checks and cash are accepted, along with PayPal option that is available above at the "Tuition Payment" link. Please be aware of the months having 5 weeks.

30 minute class - $25

45 minute class - $35

60 minute class - $45

Instrument used - Yamaha electronic piano
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