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Olga started this studio with firm belief that music education is something that anyone can benefit from. Much like learning how to read, learning the language of music gives an individual more ways to express themselves, creating a wholesome personality. Not to mention the host of benefits a learner reaps! Olga's Piano Studio aim is to provide engaging atmosphere and the right tools for your child to not only develop theoretical and practical skills, but also love for music.

Studio accepts students from ages 7-8 and up. It is often best to start one's music education as early as possible - therefore, if you have a younger child who is eager to learn, we can be flexible - simply contact us to discuss the details. Likewise, if you have a teenager or older beginners, we welcome these students as well. Olga takes a personal approach to every student, so no matter age, music style interests or goals, all can receive the best tools and environment to achieve their goals.

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