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Congratulations on starting or continuing an exciting journey into the world of music. While choosing the correct path for a child interested in music may seem daunting, do not worry. Here in my studio I always seek a way of education that will fit the particular student's needs and character, and I am open to what desires you may have as a parent or guardian. I hope you will be able to find the information you need, you are welcome to contact me if there is anything else you would like to know.

Tuition Rates

The classes are priced as follows:
30 minute session  -  $20
45 minute session  -  $30
60 minute session  -  $45

You are welcome to contact me with questions you might have about tuition. Each school age student pays a yearly registration fee of $20.00 which is due with September tuition or at the time of enrollment for new students. This non-refundable deposit guarantees your child's lesson time in the studio teaching schedule and also helps with direct student costs associated with ensuring the highest quality education possible. A few of these costs include photocopies, incentive programs, prizes, rewards, special activities, planning/production of recitals, group lessons, etc.

Piano Lesson Info

Piano lessons are weekly or bi-weekly private sessions lasting 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on your choice and level of study. Lessons are offered year-round and continue as usual during the summer months. Much progress is lost when students do not continue lessons throughout the summer. If you wish to take a leave of absence during the summer, please be aware your same time slot cannot be guaranteed. In addition, my teaching schedule may be filled upon your return.

Styles of Music

While classical music is preferred as a teaching resource, a variety of different music styles may be studied, including popular and sacred depending on the student's goals and abilities.

Method Books Used

A broad selection of instructional method books are used, corresponding to student's age and abilities. Additional resources (such as sheet music, additional theory exercises) are also used to motivate, educate, and meet each individual student's interest and level.


Students should come to every class prepared with all necessary materials (practiced assignments, completed theory, all music books, assignment notebook, and book bag). Method books and sheet music will need to be purchased on occasion throughout the year. These are not included in lesson fees and will be billed separately.


Tuition is payable in advance for the entire month due the first lesson of each month. For your convenience, PayPal option is available above at the "Tuition Payment" link. Please be aware of the months having 5 weeks. A $10.00 late fee will be charged to all accounts not paid in full by the 10th of the month. There will be a $25.00 charge for any checks that are returned. Should there be a second occurrence, future payments must be made in cash.


Periodic recitals will be held as a celebration of learning. Participation is encouraged for all students through high school age. Performing for a live audience enhances the student's excitement and joy of playing - and parents are welcome to bring cameras and flowers for their musicians!

Piano vs. Keyboard

All students must have a piano or digital piano (keyboard) for home practice. The quality of your student's home instrument plays a significant role in his/her potential for success. A well-tuned (at least once a year) acoustic piano is best for practice and performance. The vibrations that come through an acoustic piano's strings as the student plays are addicting and heighten the enjoyment of playing. A keyboard will have a very different feel and sound in comparison. However, if you prefer to begin on a digital piano, please invest in one with at least 76 (preferably 88) weighted, touch-sensitive keys and a pedal.

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