Olga's Piano Studio

Studio Regulations

Please remember, the piano studio is part of my private residence, and must always be regarded and respected as such. Please do your part to maintain the premises for the sanctity of my home.

♪ Arriving ♫

If a lesson is still in progress upon your arrival, please do not ring the doorbell so as not to disturb the teaching session; but feel free to come on in and have a seat in the waiting area.

♪ Other Children ♫

No unattended children are allowed in the music studio or outdoors. Please help me keep the learning environment quiet and free from distractions.

♪ Property Damage ♫

If property is damaged, parents shall be responsible for reimbursement.

♪ Punctuality ♫

Students should arrive on time and be picked up promptly. Lessons cannot be extended beyond the scheduled class time for students who arrive late.

♪ Come Prepared ♫

Students should come to class prepared with all necessary materials (practiced assignments, completed theory, all music books, assignment notebook, and book bag).

♪ Appearance ♫

Nails should be maintained short enough where they do not click or slide on the keys. This will allow for the development of the optimal hand position. Rings and bracelets should not be worn during the lesson.

♪ Conferences ♫

Students are evaluated at the end of each quarter. If progress proves unsatisfactory, a parent/teacher conference will be scheduled.

♪ Food Policy ♫

No food, drinks, candy, or gum are permitted in the music studio.

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